How common is erectile dysfunction?

Approximately 1 in 10 adult males will suffer from ED on a long-term basis.

What is the traditional treatment for ED?

  • Oral medications (ongoing cost)
  • Sex therapy (who has time)
  • Vacuum devices (nope)
  • Intraurethral medication (ongoing cost & ongoing discomfort)
  • Surgery (penile implant) (very expensive w/ no promises)


You can schedule a consultation with Renew Health and Wellness and learn about a brand new procedure that is considered cutting edge, and is completed start to finish in 1 Hour.

At Renew Health and Wellness, our procedure is designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance and effectively treat erectile dysfunction. With the use of PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma) We can treat men who have lost function due to prostrate cancer, enlarged prostate, surgery, and medication side effects.

This is science, not science fiction.

Your blood will be drawn, collected, and processed in a special centrifuge.  The resulting plasma generated contains growth factors, which, when injected into the penis, trigger stem cells to increase blood flow and generate healthy tissue growth.

The procedure is simple, fast and has no down time. Although you may experience mild soreness at the injection site for a couple of hours, you can resume your normal activities, including sex, that very day.

What’s in It For You?

  • Increase circulation within the penis, which means a healthier penis.
  • Increase sensation and pleasure
  • Increased endurance
  • Can be used in conjunction with other therapies like Cialis or Viagra.
  • Multiple studies have shown the benefit of PRP therapy.
  • Increase in size
  • Increased firmness of erection
  • Virtually no allergic reactions because you’re injected with your own bodily fluids.

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